The Busy Bees' Great Adventure Virtual Games

From stage to classroom to home, go on your own adventure with games inspired by The Busy Bees’ Great Adventure! 


Ages 8+

Save the Baby Sea Turtles

Help! The baby sea turtles are hatching, but there’s too much waste on the beach! We need to clean up the beach before the sea turtles reach the water.

Fill up all the waste bins before losing five baby sea turtles to win!

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Life of Honeybees

Take on the role of three types of honeybees! Play as a worker, drone, or queen bee to complete different tasks for the colony.

Note: Games can be skipped by clicking the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen.

Collect pollen, race to win the Queen’s heart and/or help the worker bees before time runs out!

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Busy Bees Personality Test

The Busy Bees are looking for a new bee to join the team! Complete a personality test to see which Busy Bee you’ll be partnered with.

Answer all the questions to find out which Busy Bee you relate to the most!

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Time Machine

Bumble Bee invented a time machine! Let’s use it to travel through time and do what we can to help the present time!

Collect 10 pineapples to help Sir Lancelot Jones and learn how to help the present!

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