Intern Exit Evaluation - Supervisor

This evaluation is designed to provide your final assessment of the Intern's performance to date while under your supervision. The evaluation is used as a tool to provide the student with valuable information to improve and strengthen necessary skills. You are encouraged to discuss this evaluation with the Intern's.  

On average, did your intern complete 20 to 24 hours per week during their semester?


Please assign a numeric grade using the 1- 5 scale to each of the following skills, competencies, or behaviors.    




5 - Greatly exceeds expectations of performance  

4 - Meeting expectations of performance  

3 - Nearly meets expectations of performance – some refinement needed  

2 - Needs improvement to meet expectations of performance  

1Unsatisfactory – level of performance is well below expectations 

Uses proper grammar and punctuation; uses appropriate level of language
Uses professional language, articulates clearly and concisely
Actively hears and processes verbal input; asks for clarification when appropriate
Interacts appropriately with others; uses appropriate tone and body language to address and dialogue with colleagues, clients, and management
Utilizes basic technology, including word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software
Arranges professional materials for efficient access and use
Arranges personal and professional time constraints to readily meet work requirements and deadlines
Assesses, analyzes, and recommends
Assesses information from a variety of perspectives to determine most pertinent data solutions to all levels of workplace problems
Demonstrates through thought and action the ability to bring self and others towards an identified goal


Met the Arsht Center’s Internship Program’s expectation for Attendance
Met the Arsht Center’s Internship Program’s expectation for the Quantity of work produced
Met the Arsht Center’s Internship Program’s expectation for the Quality of work produced
Demonstrated an understanding and respect for the Structure and the Arsht Culture of the host organization
Developed a Network of professionals within the host organization


Please rate the abilities that your intern excels in

Positive attitude
Works well independently

Please rate the abilities that your intern needs to improve on

Dress code
Taking initiative
Lack of positive attitude
Meeting Deadlines


How can the Internship Program Team better assist your Intern to have a successful internship
Have you shared your comments with your Intern?