2023-24 Season Dance@Arsht

The Arsht Center is pleased to present a global array of boundless creativity, whimsy, athleticism and physical mastery for Dance@Arsht 2023-24.

This season’s companies offer world premieres, commissioned work and milestone anniversaries performed by local, national and international dance favorites.

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Flamenco Festival XV
Ballet Nacional de España

March 1-3


For 45 years, Ballet Nacional de España (BNE) has been bringing the history of Spanish dance to life while remaining true to the nation’s spirit of innovation and artistry. The company’s repertoire includes classic 20th century works as well as bold new choreographies such as Invocación, a program created by BNE director Rubén Olmo that salutes past masters of the castanet-driven style known as Escuela Bolera. The company will perform Invocación and several other original works that combine flamenco, ballet and stylized dance during its Flamenco Festival appearance.

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Historias de un Flamenco

March 1, 2024

Antonio Rey and guest dancer Irene Lozano la Chiqui

Latin Grammy winner Antonio Rey is one of the top flamenco guitarists of his generation, dazzling audiences around the world with his soulful and powerful performances and compositions. This program features his own compositions and selections from his acclaimed 2020 Latin Grammy-winning Flamenco Sin Fronteras [Flamenco Without Borders], as well as new works.

Historias de un flamenco features dancer Irene Lozano, one of the greatest talents in the new generation of flamenco dance. Lozano weaves traditional elements of flamenco, modern dance and ballet in a sophisticated way.

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March 2, 2024

Alejandro Hurtado and guest dancer Inmaculada Salomón

Alejandro Hurtado’s exceptional technique, clean execution and expressive power allow him to convey the most intense sensations when he is onstage. Hurtado is one of the most outstanding flamenco guitarists of our time. He aims to connect with the tradition of past guitarists such as Montoya, Niño Ricardo and Sabicas, advocating for the role of the concert guitar as a solo instrument.

For his Miami debut, Hurtado will be accompanied by Inmaculada Salomón, currently first dancer of Ballet Nacional de España.

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Mi Esencia

March 2, 2024

Rycardo Moreno and guest dancer José Maya

Rycardo Moreno is a noted flamenco and jazz guitarist, outstanding producer, arranger and composer. Moreno was born in Lebrija into a Gypsy family and started playing music at 11 years old. His career has included collaborations with Dorantes, Esperanza Fernandez, Buika and El Lebrijano. His two first albums, Varekai (2015) and Agaleano (2017), a tribute to Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, placed him at the forefront of the flamenco guitar scene. His music represents his Gypsy heritage of Lebrija and the Cuban heritage of his great-grandmother.

Moreno will be joined by electrifying dancer José Maya, who has collaborated with renowned flamenco artists such as Farruquito, El Güito, Manolete, Estrella Morente, Gerardo Núñez and Diego El Cigala and has opened for pop stars Marc Anthony, Beyoncé and Björk.

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Plaza Vieja

March 3, 2024

José del Tomate and guest dancer Karime Amaya

José Fernández, aka José del Tomate, was born in Almería into a family of artists. His father, Tomatito, and his great-grandfather, Miguel Fernández Cortés “El Tomate,” have been an artistic inspiration for him. Fernández also recognizes Sabicas and Paco de Lucía as influences, but above all of them is his uncle El Niño Miguel, who has marked him the most. In 2018, Fernández released his debut solo album, Plaza Vieja (Universal Music).

For his Miami debut, Fernández will be accompanied by Karime Amaya, great-niece of the legendary Carmen Amaya and inheritor of her wild and soul-stirring dancing. Amaya was part of the popular Stars of Flamenco show at Flamenco Festival 2014.

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Flamenco Festival XV
Stars of Flamenco

March 14

Stars of Flamenco will feature some of Spain’s greatest dancers — Manuel Liñán, Alfonso Losa, El Yiyo and Paula Comitre.

Known as mavericks of the flamenco world, Liñan, who most recently presented VIVA at the Arsht Center to critical acclaim in 2022, and Losa, winner of the prestigious Festival de Jerez Critic’s Choice Award, join forces to embody flamenco’s history through dance. They will be joined by 27-year-old rising star Miguel Fernández Ribas, known as El Yiyo, and Paula Comitre, one of the most celebrated talents of the contemporary flamenco world.

Accompanying them are exceptional musicians headed by guest vocalist Sandra Carrasco.

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Siudy Flamenco Amor Brujo

June 15

A collaboration between Siudy Garrido Flamenco Company and the South Florida Symphony Orchestra, Amor Brujo is a captivating dance-theater production directed by Siudy Garrido and conducted by Sebrina Maria Alfonso. The show seamlessly blends the mesmerizing world of flamenco with a timeless masterpiece by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, bringing to life a passionate narrative.

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