Field Trips at the Arsht Center Kitty Hawk

Post show survey

Thank you for attending Kitty Hawk - A Musical Adventure! Please let us know what you thought of the performance by filling out the brief survey below.

What grades do you teach?*
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Did “Kitty Hawk” help your students envision themselves in innovative STEM roles/careers?*
Did you feel that STEM had a strong presence in the “Kitty Hawk” performance?*
Overall, do you feel that “Kitty Hawk” benefitted you in helping your students achieve academic success in the classroom?*
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Did seeing the performance make you want to learn more about the Wright Brothers?*
Did watching Kitty Hawk make you more interested in science and math?*
Do you think the Wright Brothers applied science and/or math to build their flyer?*
Did Kitty Hawk make science and math lessons more relevant in solving real world challenges?*
Did Kitty Hawk make you more curious about science or math related careers?*