The Center of it all: A 2023-24 season playlist

Listen to 12 songs by artists and shows coming to the Arsht Center.

A season at the Arsht Center cannot be easily defined. Sure, a catchy marketing slogan can convey the energy and excitement of the many shows and events taking place during those 12 months. But summing up an entire season in just a few words? That’s not so easy.

Take the dozen songs we’ve included on this Spotify playlist, a musical preview of the 2023-24 season. Genre-wise, they’re all over the place, with Broadway show tunes competing for attention with Spanish-language indie rock, symphonic classical music, Latin jazz, country-fried pop and a song by Mavis Staples, who is a genre unto herself.  (We can't guarantee that the artists will perform these particular songs on our stages. The playlist is meant to be representative of the artists and not their set lists.)

These songs are just a sample of the Arsht Center’s coming season, which just about every week will have music pouring from the concert hall, opera house and plaza. Still more shows will be announced in the months ahead. Listen up.

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