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The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (and her dog)

  • The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (and her dog)
  • The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (and her dog)
  • The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (and her dog)
  • The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (and her dog)

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  • Parental Guide: Ages 6+

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Monday, January 1


Family Musical First Produced At The Kennedy Center
Book and lyrics by Lauren Gunderson; music by Brian Lowdermilk

Science is fun when Dr. Wonderful is on the case.
Our family show is just the ticket for kids and parents alike.

There are no puzzles in space, right? Wrong! Space is one giant puzzle waiting to be put together by physicists, astronomers, and a brainy girl who goes by the name Dr. Wonderful. Fly through the solar system with Dr. Wonderful and her amazing adventure team of Newton (the dog) and Ben (the human) in this all-new musical!

Saving a super star from disappearing is no small task, especially when the star is 1.3 million times the size of Earth and 93 million miles away. But when Dr. Wonderful receives the call, her team leaps into action from their laboratory/bedroom into outer space. With a couple of butterscotch candies and a rock song from Mom in the mix, the mystery solvers are amazed by their final discovery. Girl-detective-noir meets science-geek-chic in this super cool astronomical event!

Co-presented with the Adrienne Arsht Center

*Arsht Families Members who have purchased tickets to Dr. Wonderful will receive complimentary admission into Newton's Planetarium Tour on June 28th! All other patrons may purchase admission passes to the tour. Click here for info about Newton's Planetarium Tour.

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